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On 16th June 2024

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Alard is not only the name, but a philosophy which relates with society and education. ALARD is an acronym, which stands for Attitude, Leadership, Alertness, Readiness and Dedication. Established in 1999, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. L.R. Yadav with a vision to plough knowledge and skills in the mind of the students and cultivate entrepreneurship which will enhance the career and jobs for youth and become a transformative force for individual and society. ALARD is a dream journey of Dr. L.R. Yadav. His academic journey to excellence, began from a farmer’s son to Chancellor of ALARD University Pune. In the ongoing journey of 30 Years, he gained initial experience of industrial engineering which led him to go on an expedition of his education path to setup first institution. His instrumental mind led to the growth of Alard University Pune towards the achievement of societal goals. AUP is a beacon of quality education, dedicated to empowering features and shaping the careers of professionals of tomorrow, who can lead the nation from the front. Driven by the vision of Dr. L.R. Yadav, this education institute has overcome numerous challenges to become one of the Pune’s Prestigious University.


Alard University Pune stands as a beacon of excellence in higher education, striving to excel as one of the best private universities in India. AUP stands out with its innovative approach to experiential learning, actively involving students in industry projects, pioneering research endeavours and immersive internships. This enhances their portfolios and bolsters confidence for success in their respective fields. Additionally, the university’s strong industry ties provide students seamless access to professionals, mentors, and employment opportunities, positioning Alard as the premier choice for ambitious professionals seeking exclusive internships, placements, and networking prospects. Alard University Pune is committed to promoting education, entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities for all. The university comprises schools viz Engineering and Technology, Business Management, Design, Health & Bio-sciences, Law, and Interdisciplinary Research, offering diverse academic pathways along with attractive and comprehensive scholarship provisions.

Project Based Learning

Excellent Academic Culture

Global Standard

Research for Inovations

Value Added Certifications

Excellent Placements

Located in one of the most advanced IT Hub, of the world, Hinjewadi.

Project Based Learning

Excellent Academic Culture

Global Standard

Research for Inovations

Value Added Certifications

Excellent Placements

Located in one of the most advanced IT Hub, of the world, Hinjewadi.

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B. Tech CSE || B. Tech Robotic Automation || B. Tech Semiconductor || B. Tech Electrical Vehichle


MBA || BBA || MCA || BCA


D. Pharmacy || B.Pharmacy || M.Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) || M.Pharmacy (Quality Assurance)


B.Des in Fashion Design || B.Des in Interior Design || B.Des in Product Design


BHA Bachelor of Hospital Administration || B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology || B. Optometry


LLB 3 years || LLB 5 years

Interdisciplinary Research

Ph. D* in Engineering, Sciences Humanities & Social Sciences, Management, Pharmacy, Law, Biosciences and Design






My experience at ALARD was full of learning and grooming. I am thankful to all the faculties, mentors and entire Computer Engineering department for providing us with quality education. The placement cell at AUP was a game-changer in my career.

Dawood Dalvi Computer Science & Engineering (2019-2023)

I have spent my golden days at AUP. I am proud to be called as an Alardian. Studying at AUP was a fulfilling and enriching experience. I am grateful to the institution, the faculty members, and the entire staff for making my journey as a student so memorable.

Neha Karmal Computer Science & Engineering (2019-2023)

Higher education often opens doors and Alard University Pune’s MBA program is no exception! There were many opportunities for professional and personal development

Divya Yadav MBA ASBM (2018-2020)

The ASBM -MBA program has been the best career move I could have made. The program was very challenging and demanding, but extremely rewarding

Ishita Chauhan MBA ASBM (2018-2020)

The intensive courses of the AUP- MBA program are oriented toward creating leaders and strong business professionals. They pushed me to excel and find solutions through new skillsets and perspectives

Jason Rodrigues MBA ASBM (2021-2023)

I obtained so many new skills and value from my participation in the AUP-MBA program. Not just from the textbooks and lectures, but from the guest speakers, workshops, mentorships, and networking

Vaishnavi Kadam MBA ASBM (2021-2023)

Completing the MBA program from AUP gave me the confidence to lead in a way that I never could have before. This new knowledge has helped me to up level my role, lead new projects, and secure better pay

Prakash Waghmare MBA ASBM (2021-2023)

UP MBA Program has an unbelievable value compared to other colleges of equal caliber. A decision to pursue an MBA at Alard is a smart one that the student will not regret!"

Divyani Pramod Lokhande MBA ASBM (2021-2023)

The Alard School of Business Management MCA Program faculty and staff truly appreciate their students and have a willingness to help students succeed that is indicative of the Alard culture

Shivani Khushwaha MBA ASBM (2021-2023)

I can proudly say that choosing Alard University Pune for MCA was the best part of my life. Alard provided me with learning opportunities that are filled with fun and frolic. Alard has the best internship and placement policy. Ample opportunities are provided to every student.

Prakash Aswar MCA ASBM (2021-2023)

My experience with ASBM has been great, they have not only provided me with quality education but also helped me build my personality. In today’s world “confident is the key to success” and this is what Alard has taught us

Akash Kumar MCA ASBM (2021-2023)

AUP has given me a platform for identifying and developing my skills and helping me to grow as a professional. Alard School of Business Management has presented me with various opportunities such as projects, live assignments, and industry exposure which has enhanced my managerial skills

Shashikant Shahane MCA ASBM (2023-2025)

I had a great experience at AUP. The professors were knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, and they were always willing to help students who were struggling. Overall, I am grateful for the education I received at ASETand would highly recommend it to any aspiring engineer.

Nagesh Shivanand Shewalkar Electronics and Telecommunication (2021-2022)

I like the environment of AUP. Everything, the positive environment, Way of teaching,the teachers and the people. The faculty is really great and engaging with the students. In providing opportunities to realize self-development. Thanks to AUP Techers & Staff

Smita Dilip Pawar Electronics and Telecommunication (2022-2023)

Learning was great at AUP. Got good practical exposure which helped me to start my own business. Thank you AUP

Rajesh Abhimanyu Walgude Electronics and Telecommunication (2022-2023)

ASET is One of the best college in engineering. Very good environment and good experienced staff.

Harshada Prakash Lohar Electronics and Telecommunication (2022-2023)

Graduating from Alard college of Pharmacy has been a transformative journey filled with invaluable experiences and lifelong lessons. The faculty's dedication to excellence and their unwavering support have equipped me with the skills.

Gauri Malvade B. Pharmacy (2022-2023)

I Mahesh Dahatonde, an alumnus of Alard college of Engineering and Management pune,from civil Engg department "I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance I received from Alard college of Engineering

Mahesh Dahatonde Civil Engineering

I Pankaj sane, an alumnus of Alard college of Engineering and Management pune,from civil Engg department As a recent Civil Engineering graduate, I can confidently say that Alard college of Engineering and Management played a pivotal role in shaping my academic and professional journey.

Pankaj Sane Civil Engineering